Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christopher Columbus-Role Model

Ok, so I am a day late posting this,,,,

Since yesterday was Columbus Day, we spent the day learning about Christopher Columbus. All three of the children learned a lot about this great explorer. Here are a few facts from them:
  • Elijah: "Christopher Columbus was put in prison for no reason. He kept the chains as a reminder of the experience. I am glad he discovered America. He read the adventures of Marco Polo as a child, and that made him want to find another way to get to India."
  • Jada:"He had to go to other countries, begging for money to finance his voyage, because his own country, Italy, would not give him any money. He discovered America with his three ships named Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria"
  • Justin: "His boats were named the Pinta, Santa Claus, and Nina. If he didn't discover America, we would not be here."

Here are the qualities I find admirable.
  • He was an entrepreneur.
  • He was a visionary. He knew what he wanted and he did not let the naysayers hold him back.
  • He was a lover of knowledge.
These are qualities we should aim for in ourselves and our children. I really enjoyed our Columbus Day exploration.


  1. That's funny - Justin was close on the names! Loving your blog! -amy

  2. I'm just commenting here DONT call me a stalker:CHRISTOHPER COLOMBUS was a the father of the translalantic slave route he sold (I'm not sure if kids read this blog so ill just say s3x) slaves aged 6-10 killed off nearly all of the native Indians using them as slaves in Europe and(if your faint hearted do not read upon this point)COLOMBUS wanted gold when he got slaves they were to get gold for him(causing a major gold deperssion in many places) and if the slaves didnt their hands would be chopped off with their ears and then they would be thrown into the sea does this sound like a good role model? I recommend Bartolommeo de le casas as a role model not this greedy colombus

  3. that is funny justin was kind of close on the names -andrea