Sunday, October 11, 2009


I was so excited to go to East Point Church of Christ tonight to hear my Papaw preach. My mother invited us to go with her tonight. We enjoyed a long afternoon at home, since church did not begin until 7:30 pm, or so we thought. We left around 6, and got to the East Point area early, so we decided to stop at Burger King and have a snack to kill some time. They had music playing SO LOUD in there, I could barely hear myself think. We discovered something hilarious about Justin. He cannot control himself when he hears music. He just has to move to the music. It was so funny, no matter how hard he tried to stop the dancing, he could not help it. We got a good laugh out of that!
But that is not the funniest part of the trip. When we got to the church building, there were not many cars there, and just a few people standing in the parking lot. When we got out of the car, a lady in the parking lot asked if we were there for services. We told her we were, and she then informed us that church was over! It began at 6:00. We arrived an hour and a half too late.
Apparently my mother misunderstood her mother about the time.
Oh well, it was a fun trip. Although I have had a hard time explaining to the kids that we did not INTENTIONALLY forsake the assembly. :)

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